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Building A House In The City Vs. Suburbs of Minnesota

Building a house may be the easiest decision to make. We are spending more time in our homes than ever, which is one reason many homeowners have decided to have their custom homes built to fit their specific needs. According to Housing First Minnesota, in 2020, demand for new houses surged. During 2020 metro-area builders pulled permits to build 6,439 single-family dwellings, nearly 5% more than the previous year.

Twin City Suburbs

Post World War II, with access to transportation and the advent of the shopping mall, people began to leave cities like St. Paul and Minneapolis for suburbs like Richfield, St. Louis Park, Bloomington, and Roseville. There, they found more modern homes, attracting young families. Now you can see people that live as far as Blaine and Ham Lake. 


Some Other Positive Aspects of Living in the Suburbs Include

  •         A more considerable lot for less money
  •         A quieter environment
  •         A slower pace of life
  •         Less traffic and fewer crowds

There are Also Some Disadvantages to Living in the Suburbs

  •         You must have reliable transportation
  •         It can feel not very interesting if you are accustomed to going out on the town
  •         The job market is more competitive if you plan to work close to home.
  •         There are fewer amenities

These factors often lead to suburbanites commuting to the big city.

Minneapolis and St. Paul

Now, with many people aware of the effects commuting has on our environment, people are choosing to return to the Twin Cities to live and work. They are also discovering the rich cultural diversity the city environment has to offer. 

There are Other Advantages to Urban Living

  •         Roads tend to be of higher quality
  •         Public transportation is easy to find and use
  •         Easy to reach amenities and entertainment options abound
  •         There are plenty of jobs available

The Downside of Life in the City

  •         The pace of life can be fast
  •         Crowding can make owning and finding parking space for your car difficult
  •         You will have to get creative if you want to have green space around your home.
  •         Air and noise pollution can be damaging to your health and well-being, long term
  •         If you have a pet, you will likely need to walk them daily to give them their needed exercise

A Builder’s Perspective

When you are looking to build, there are different things to think about from a builder’s point of view. Something that potential new build buyers might not think about include:

  • Building permits
  • Plumbing Codes
  • Septic/ Sewage systems
  • Electrical work
  • Landscaping

When choosing where to build, all of the above can become positive or negative depending on time, cost, and more. This is why hiring a professional can take the headache out of managing all of the paperwork, planning, and logistics of building a home.  

Where Can Kohaven Build?

Kohaven can build in the city, in the suburbs, or in a rural community of your choice. We have licensed realtors. We can build on a lot you already own or help you purchase one. We can also help you through the design process or work with the plans you may already have drawn up.

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